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Transformative Financial Services Advisory for Future-Ready Clients

Our transformative Financial Services advisory bridges technology and business. The fast global penetration of technology has created immense opportunities for banking and financial institutions to continue to grow. Yet only very few organizations fully seize this potential. Drawing on our market-leading expertise in both business and technology, and building upon the collective experience of our leadership in corporates, consulting, investments, and company building, we deliver all-encompassing future readiness to our clients. Having successfully combined those ecosystems, we have a proven track record of outperforming almost all our engagements. Powered by a team of best-in-class experts, we are able to grasp the complexities of the industry and provide tailored advice and solutions that align with our clients' unique requirements and objectives. By keeping a finger on the pulse and staying ahead of the latest advancements, we provide forward-looking guidance that optimally positions our clients for growth and adaptability.

Key Challenges of Banks and Financial Institutions

Corporate Banking

Identify growth opportunities across all client segments, even in the face of regulatory challenges and macroeconomic pressure. Recognize embedded finance and BaaS as an avenue for growth while mitigating risks and the potential decline in profitability through cost-saving measures.

Retail Banking

Creating a digitally driven, highly personalized approach for clients, optimizing distribution networks via technology and branch consolidation, and fulfilling the financing needs for ESG-compliant modernization.

Payment Services

The increasing global demand for secure digital payments is prompting the industry to reevaluate customer interactions. Key strategies involve leveraging AI, enhancing pricing through efficient operations, and leading in fraud prevention. Moreover, working towards financial inclusion by creating solutions for underbanked populations is crucial.

Capital Markets and Asset Management

Investing in next-level digitalization to optimize the cost-income ratio, bolster resilience in unpredictable markets, and facilitate a hybrid business model to attract a wider customer base. Furthermore, maintaining transparency and stability in ESG risk management.

Investment Banking

Leverage data analytics for informed decision-making and a competitive edge. Streamline investment processes and cut operational expenses. Moreover, assist clients in navigating the ESG debt market.


In an environment with diminishing investment in startups, achieving efficient cost structures, speeding up time-to-market, and prioritizing early profitability while maintaining strict regulatory compliance are paramount.

Transformation adressing business challenges
Banking and Financial Institutions

Maintaining a competitive advantage hinges on the ability to adapt. This entails responding to new competitors, meeting evolving customer expectations, harnessing technology advancements, navigating changing risk landscapes and evolving business models.

Business Technology Modernization

Achieve sustainable business advantages by introducing new digital solutions, adopting best-in-class, automated processes and modernizing legacy systems.


Secure business through a comprehensive enterprise security architecture, top-tier security operations and fostering a broad understanding of security while driving the establishment of new security standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve compliance by fostering a deep understanding of regulations throughout the workforce. Ensure transparency in residual risk exposure and product and service compliance, ultimately deploying effective risk control frameworks with proactive ownership and lean governance.

Product Innovation

Improve and expand products and services to support to cater to present and future customer needs. This encompasses embedded finance, capitalizing on platform opportunities and network effects, and embracing AI-driven advancements.

Macroeconomic Change

Strengthen financial stability by closely monitoring macroeconomic indicators, enabling faster responses to interest and exchange rate fluctuations and implementing effective risk management strategies.

Automation and Data

Improve automation and data-driven decision-making by optimizing data management, implementing real-time analytics, leveraging AI, and seamlessly integrating digital agents.


Formulate a holistic strategy for managing sustainability and ESG risk factors, integrating ESG risk considerations into all relevant processes to achieve transparency in ESG risk exposure and facilitate sustainable finance.

Intellectual Capital

Sustaining competitiveness through the preservation of intellectual property in a dynamic, aging and retiring workforce, by reviewing training and development strategies, and by fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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