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Our team of advisors assists insurers of all types, including property and casualty, life, health, and reinsurers, in becoming more agile and adjusting to evolving insurance markets. Economic changes have a profound impact on the insurance sector, prompting insurers to adapt and seize opportunities amidst challenges. All lines of insurance must tailor their strategies to suit their specific business needs. The industry-wide trends of personalized interaction, new product development, new risk assessment models, ecosystem building, and new business models are reshaping the way insurers operate. The digital transformation is the key enabler for insurers to meet customer expectations, adopt new technologies, and thrive in a competitive environment. By embracing these trends and leveraging digital advancements, insurers can position themselves for success in an evolving landscape.

new era of insurance is right in front of us
Personalized & seamless omni-channel interaction

Policy holders expect customized and personalized policies with a more frequent, automized and seamless interaction across all channels (e.g., online, agency, mobile phone, non-insurance distributors).

New risks and products

Increasing cybersecurity incidents, learning from COVID-19 pandemic, business interruptions, Ukraine war, global macroeconomics shifts, and climate risks require new insurance products, with end-to-end protection, covering risk prediction, prevention and intervention.

New risk assessment models

A changing world, with increasing natural disasters or chronic diseases, establishment of self-driving cars, IoT technology or combined insurance products require new data and risk modelling approaches, with integrated data sources.

Changing ecosystem

Rising number of insurtechs and new sales channels to reach clients require open and seamless interfaces for partnering and cross-system interactions. In addition, partnerships with non-insurance organization (e.g., healthcare, B2C distribution, natural science, ESG) will be key for success.

New business models

Companies embed insurance products as part of their supply chain or non-insurance companies found their own insurance business units. Specialization in field of strengths (e.g., customer centricity, balance sheet optimization or product expert) as differentiator.

Key enabler: digital transformation

Build digital solutions, while moving from legacy to innovative technologies, implementing agile and efficient operations, with automated processes, as well as ensure business stability with secure and regulatory compliant operations, able to seamlessly connect with partners.

Technology transformation addressing business challenges

To achieve a successful digital transformation, insurers need to carefully balance initiatives using available budgets to generate short-term effects and build required foundations for the long-term impact, while ensuring business stability.

Customer experience

Understanding customer needs, preferences and behaviors by leveraging advanced analytics for personalization and digital platforms for interaction.

Data management

Managing vast amounts of data requires data accuracy, proper data quality, processing, architecture as well as strong governance.


Investing in robust security measures to protect sensitive data and maintain customer trust required to cope with rising cyber attacks.

Regulatory compliance

Maintaining and upgrading digital systems to comply with rising and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Legacy systems

Upgrading and modernizing legacy systems is essential to enable integration with new digital solutions, digitally collaborate with partners and reduce IT costs.

Investment and prioritization

Balancing ongoing operational costs with digital transformation initiatives requires cost take out and legacy decommissioning.

War for talent

Attracting and retaining skilled talent to drive digital transformation in a competitive market.


Competing against, collaborating with or acquiring of Insurtechs with innovative business models and technologies.

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